Steering Committee

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The Steering Committee manages and ensures that BEST winners have access to the Italian and US ecosystem to launch and grow their start up. Invitalia is the implementing partner for Italy.

John R. Phillips
Former US Ambassador to the Republic of Italy and the Republic of San Marino (2013-2017)

Ronal P. Spogli
CEO Freeman & Spogli, Los Angeles,  former US Ambassador to Italy (2005-2009)

David H. Thorne
Former US Ambassador to Italy (2009-2013)

Fernando Napolitano
Italian Business & Investment Initiative CEO, New York, Chairman of BEST SC

Domenico Arcuri
CEO Invitalia

Massimo Bergami
Dean Alma Graduate School

Luigi Capello
CEO LVenture

Francesco Inguscio
BEST Alumnus

Claudio Giuliano
Managing Partner Innogest

Marketing Director Radio Dimensione Suono

Elizabeth Robinson
Quadrivio Capital Investment Director