The Italian regions have the opportunity to use the European Social Fund for Entrepreneurship. To date only two Italian regions activated it: Emilia Romagna and Tuscany.

The European Social Fund (ESF) is the main policy tool used by the EU to support employment, ensure more equitable employment opportunities for all.

The ESF invests in human capital: workers, young people and those in search of a job. With a budget of € 10 billion a year, the ESF will increase the employment prospects of millions of European citizens, paying particular attention to who is more difficult to find work.
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The ESF to Italy in 2007-2013 amounted to € 14 billion from EU funds (6.9 billion €) and National (€ 7 billion).

The goal of BEST is to award least 300 Italians per year at a cost of Euro 525,000 per Region

The European Social Fund 2014-2020 is enhanced especially in the following areas:

  • establishment of a minimum in the ESF budget allocated to each category of regions, the highest elevation of the previous one (about 25% for the less developed regions, 40% for those “in transition” and 52% for the more developed ones);
  •  in total it comes to at least EUR 84 billion for the ESF against 75 of the current programming